Saturday, 7 February 2015

Master Bathroom

The bathroom is coming along nicely.  There is now a walk in cupboard in the corner by the loo.  I think we will have to have a few plants and perhaps an easy chair to soften it.

The little lights in front of the bath are now fitted and come on when you walk into the room.  Lovely lighting in here altogether thanks to Paul Wilson and his team - namely John and Dave....

A road in good repair??

We are asking Lincolnshire County Council to repair the road that they have now deemed to be a Byway Open to All Traffic and all we have got from them so far is that the road is in good repair!!!! What?!

Lovely doors

Really nice doors throughout....there are only 6 doors inside the house and that includes en suites to all three bedrooms.  We are doorless from the bedroom behind the dining room right through to the bedroom with the view.  Really pleased with these.  Tony has fitted them all plus one more on a cupboard n the master bedroom.

Out with the old and in with the new

We were actually beginning to get quite fond of the basic steps we bought about 3 years ago!  But now - Allenby's have made this beautiful staircase - Ian has been here for about 6 weeks and is nearly there now....A real work of art