Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fireplaces - well almost!

Two fireplaces under construction - the fires are not arriving until 13 November but we do have amazing under floor heating so we wont freeze to death - hopefully!


So......what is happening?  Well, believe it or not (and only two and a half years after we expected) we are moving on October 31st - spooky!

Maggie Carr from Carre Heritage has thrown builders at the project and we will be ready to move in less than two weeks.  Just doing the essentials at the moment - like closing the slit window openings! and making sure we have a bathroom to use.  The rest will be done after the move.

We wont have a kitchen or a staircase but, hey ho, that all adds to the fun.  Eartha, Bram and Violette will be with us from this Wednesday (22nd) until the day before we move so that should be a fun-packed half term for them.....I'm ordering a skip at the Forge House so that they can chuck everything from the garden sheds into it!  The tenants for the Forge move in on second week of November so we have to get our skates on.....

New Doors

Gone is the square peg in the round hole and now we have a proper front door - beautiful oak!

Help from the Hunters!

 The wooden floors were suffering a bit and so
we called in the experts!  John and Margaret
came to help cover and protect them from ongoing works.....

These passion flowers are still in bloom

All go!

Plasterboarding in the back bedroom which Gordy has decided will be called the Courtyard bedroom - if only we had a courtyard!!