Sunday, 29 July 2012

Birthday special

Here are Rich and I at the barns yesterday on my special birthday day - had a wonderful day!

upstairs again

This is the door way through from bathroom to bedroom (or vice versa)!in the upstairs section opposite the gallery

we have an upstairs!

Look at what has been going on over the last few weeks - amazing stuff!  this will be the walkway leading from the library (galleried area) to our bedroom -

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Steve makes a dash for it!

The British Summer

28th June and the rains came down!  Crazy summer weather!

Dell boy!!

OK OK so the sun shone for the first time in weeks but, really, is there any need for this?

Bedroom floor!

Well, here is the beginning of the bedroom above the sitting room in the main part of the barn!  There is a ladder there to go and have a look but I'm a bit of a wimp on heights!  May have a go tomorrow!

Steel Girders in place

Really beginning to look like a house now!

And the rains came down!

28th June - and the sky went black and then the heavens opened!  It was amazing (videos to follow but they take an hour to upload!).  It hailed and rained and the kitchen took in a fair amount of water - which helps with drain placement!!.  I have never seen weather like it (I do love the way I have my Grandfather's ability to exaggerate!) but really it WAS incredible.   When I eventually got home Ewerby Main Street was strewn with tree branches and debris which seemed strange as the wind had not been that bad at the was only later when three people rang to see if we were alright that we realised Ewerby had been hit by a TORNADO!!  Look at the home video on you tube for the 28th June!!   Crazy!  My zumba friend Kim had the worst of it as the base of the tornado hit her newly build summer house (2 years in the planning) and took the roof off to the other end of the garden only leaving the 5 x 4 metre base in tact.  Her garden was annihalated - glass from the greenhouse all over the lawn and chicken huts in the field adjoining their property.  I have never seen anything like it - and that is not an exaggeration!  We were lucky that only the border plants suffered - flat to the ground and unlikely to recover.