Sunday, 27 November 2011

Thursday, 24 November 2011

from the inside

Same door looking from the sitting room

New Door!

Through to the bedroom.  Don`t worry that it looks as though we (they really!) have put it too far to the right.  The brick pillar and roof are coming out beyond the door to give more us more space in this study/bedroom which is south facing and will be a lovely room I think


I`m afraid the plans below are rather small - thanks Zaira for helping me get them to a size that even thinks about fitting!!  but they will give you a general idea.  Dave and Steve were sorting out levels yesterday.  There is a large drop in floor levels from the sitting room to the bedroom beyond.  There will be four steps down (one in the living area and three in the adjoining doorway).  This is the next thing to be done - next week we hope - and floors in this area to be concreted too.   All very exciting.  Since we knocked the door through from living room to bedroom the whole place feels more like home.

Putting you in the picture

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Progress report

All is going really well lately. Much of the flooring concreted, two walls almost gone and radon pumps in place....Next week we should be knocking out the door through to the bedroom beyond the sitting room.  Floors either side of this will be concreted and then we will be looking up - to the roof which is going to be altered.  As we have to have new tiles anyway (planning insisted) we are going to make sure that we can leave as many beams exposed as possible which means the insulation going above the beams and then the tiles above that.  The trenches for the electricity and water will be dug later in the week I think.   Keep watching!


The sun is setting and Noreen and Patrick must be doing some burning down at the Manor

Little windows, lots of sunshine

Looking back to the kitchen - room to the right .  This is the "not quite sure yet" area

sunny evening

                                                    Kitchen door!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Progress to 16 November

Watch out for planting here!

The obvious line from the far hedge and then down to the corner and round will shortly be planted up with native hedging.

Completely through!

November 11th and they are through!  Looking back here to the sitting room and the "not quite sure" area..

Nearly through

10 November and they are nearly through...this will all be part of the sitting room

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Joists OK but .....

this is the area behind that downstairs wall most of which will be removed by the end of this week.  This is, therefore, the floor of the library - see door opening to the left above the joists.  All the joists were fine and can be replaced but the boards had to come out.

Monday, 7 November 2011

rotten floorboards

Looking towards the gallery area.  It has gone!  Floorboards were rotten so they`ve come out and the post on the left of the picture will be the height of the new gallery.  Most of the wall at the bottom will come out but the doorway will remain the same width upstairs for Gord`s library..