Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Electric supply

This is where our electric is coming from so not too far to go...  Next - dig a trench just over a metre deep and lay the ducting with a sort of pull through devise at which point western power come back and thread the electric wire through... Trench should be dug next week hopefully.....getting wary of saying that though as things tend to take longer than anticipated!!


Concrete laid on Monday.  Just the kitchen and the "I`m not sure what it is" room so far

Friday, 14 October 2011

Building inspector hold up

The building inspector came round at the beginning of the week and has insisted on us putting radon gas sumps into the floors before concreting so that is what has been going on.  Never got to France - SNCF strike and forgotten passports to blame - HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIOLETTE! today xxxx

Three acres at the back

The brown bit is the three acres we are keeping at the back of the barns.  Putting it down to grass at the moment but also thinking of some sort of building for bike storage/table tennis table (recovered at the last minute from Sudbrook) and other "stuff" which Gordy has none of but I have rather a lot!!

Crafty ideas!

I thought we (want to help Al?) could paint this drill thingy (such a farmer`s daughter!) and use it for flowers???

Love this view!

Radon Gas Sumps

This innocent looking pipe plus a couple of others are apparently going to remove radon gas from the house! WOT is Radon Gas?  No idea but we are happy not to have it living with us

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Wretched news

Those b....... thieves went up to the site last Friday night and they stole everything - cement mixer, roller and other equipment.  Now, of course, nothing can be left up there and so this has held us up a little as the concrete floors will all have to be done on one day - next Tuesday I think...  Gord and I are away to see Amy in France until the 18th and so no more blogs until then.  The wall at the far end of the sitting room will also be knocked through next week and so there will be quite a difference on our return

Sitting room and gallery library

That wall at the far end is due to go next week and concrete floors will be done.

Steel beam now in place

Yes, thanks Gord, we can see it!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Autumn colours, cows and calves

Another glorious day today - 1 October and probably the hottest day this year.  The pipes are down in the kitchen.  Next week will be floors and possibly the beginning of the roof which is going to be raised slightly to allow us to expose all the beams in the central area while still keeping to building regs with insulation etc. 

Are you mooving yet?