Saturday, 29 November 2014

Logs, logs and more logs!

 As we are without heating at the moment as our two month old heat pump has broken down (!!) we are relying on Baines' supplying wood for the woodburner... ........
........... and this is the machine Dick and I went halves on.  Harry is able to cut pretty well what sized logs he wants to.  It was amazing to see it in action - and of course to have the logs!!


Stunning Sunset!

Has Father Christmas arrived early??

Probably not!  Gordon and Terry in Millers in Sleaford!

Oh dear, oh dear!!

Dick and Mel Baines' house!  Note the middle building which just collapsed one evening.....Time to build that extension Dick!!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

From bare wires to beautiful lighting!

Thanks to Andy Trollope and Westgate electrical.  Must unpack sometime!!


This is what we woke up to on November 1st!  Really makes it all worthwhile....I think of Uncle Dick who laughed out loud when I told him we were hoping to be finished in a year.....four years later and I am sure he would have loved to come and have a look.....xx

And now - nearly a kitchen!

Getting there - thanks to Main Furniture near York.  The tops are coming next week hopefully...

What's going on?

 I think someone is wondering what on earth is going on.  There appear to be people living in the barn!

Moving day!

Left a bit, right a bit and it all ends up in just two rooms!!   The first night we went back to Ewerby and slept on a blow up bed!!  Then we made a sort of bedroom for ourselves with the help of John Hunter - thanks John!!

Week before the move

Cutting, wrapping, throwing, jumping, skipping.....all go ready for the move on October 31st......SPOOKY!!!


Dining room fireplace

Stages in the building of the fireplace in the dining room....The beam was taken from the original barn.....The fire, thanks to Richard Cox, is now working which will be wonderful.  Just got to get most of the Forge House contents out of the room now and start using it as a dining room instead of a dumping ground!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fireplaces - well almost!

Two fireplaces under construction - the fires are not arriving until 13 November but we do have amazing under floor heating so we wont freeze to death - hopefully!


So......what is happening?  Well, believe it or not (and only two and a half years after we expected) we are moving on October 31st - spooky!

Maggie Carr from Carre Heritage has thrown builders at the project and we will be ready to move in less than two weeks.  Just doing the essentials at the moment - like closing the slit window openings! and making sure we have a bathroom to use.  The rest will be done after the move.

We wont have a kitchen or a staircase but, hey ho, that all adds to the fun.  Eartha, Bram and Violette will be with us from this Wednesday (22nd) until the day before we move so that should be a fun-packed half term for them.....I'm ordering a skip at the Forge House so that they can chuck everything from the garden sheds into it!  The tenants for the Forge move in on second week of November so we have to get our skates on.....

New Doors

Gone is the square peg in the round hole and now we have a proper front door - beautiful oak!

Help from the Hunters!

 The wooden floors were suffering a bit and so
we called in the experts!  John and Margaret
came to help cover and protect them from ongoing works.....

These passion flowers are still in bloom

All go!

Plasterboarding in the back bedroom which Gordy has decided will be called the Courtyard bedroom - if only we had a courtyard!!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Garden positively blooming

We have just come back from a week in the Ardeche with Amy and Violette and the garden had gone mad!  Gordy and I must have removed about 15 barrow loads of weeds this morning!!  Looking good.

Bathroom to the master bedroom

Fully plastered and the start of a floor - this will have not just a bath (far end under the window) but a shower on the left, washing machine and tumble dryer on the right and wardrobes for our clothes...

Still a few wires to sort out!!. 

Who knows????

Well I certainly hope someone is going to explain how all this works.  These are the pipes etc for the ground source underfloor heating.....more when I know what they are all about!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Aussie visit!

Lovely to see cousin Jane (bottom pic on right) and Bibby and to meet Sharnee and Travis.... We had a look round the inside rather quickly as the flowscreed had us leaving slight footprints on the surface..MG renewables plumbers are there sorting out the pump and water tanks.  Things are really moving on now.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Floor in the link

 The floor had already gone in to most of the house by 9.30am.  We hung about to see it happening....

Exciting day

Well, at last, the floor screed went down yesterday.....It was literally piped in and was amazing to watch......