Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ewerby double rainbow

Just had to put this in.  So beautiful!  Perhaps it is an omen that we will sell the house......

Not the very best place to dump the gravel!!

We heard the lorry arrive, heard the gravel being dumped ready for the sewage plant and then heard it leave again!  And where was it?  Right in the middle of the drive with our car parked behind...... Nothing ever surprises us and we were able to squeeze past the skip to escape!   Just noticed Gord doing a John Hunter trawl through the skip!


It took Allertons and Dick and Harry Baines just two days to dig out and place the sewage plant!  All ready to go - so to speak!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Insulation well on the way

The pink insulation is fireproofed for the wood burner.  This is the small room next to the kitchen which is where I will be relaxing while Gord is cooking!!
Dining room back wall rendered ready for the fireplace which is going to be built to resemble the feeding troughs that were here originally......  see below.  Log storage below and the woodburner on top - that's the idea anyway.......

Weeds overtaking plants!

The garden is amazing! - plants are growing like crazy considering this is only year two - but so are the weeds (which I am hoping you can't see too much from this picture).  The view at the back almost looks as though it is part of the garden too.  So pretty with the rape at the moment......

"New-knee" Noreen visit

Here she is!  A walking miracle.  Over 80, new knee and up and practically running after only just 2 months.... The bath in front of them is not staying in the glass link (!) although it would be a great place to relax and look at the view....... but a great shock for visitors I think!!

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Work starts again!

 At last we are up and running again.  Work started back at Heath Barns on the last week of March.  The next stage involves finishing insulation, plastering and floor levels which, in itself, includes the underfloor wiring to link up to the groundsource heating system.  This work should be finished by the end of this month and then we really will begin to feel we have the makings of a home.

I have already ordered woodburning stoves and chosen the wooden floor which will be laid in a vast amount of the rooms....

Vicky Lawton and I are rediscussing kitchen design and are hopefully about to order that too.

I will be posting all the way to the finish.   What a lovely word 'finish' is!!!